Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old Ford

With nothing to really do today I took some time to edit a photo. It's an old Ford. Every June there is a car show put on by The Taj Ma Garaj, a local garage that specializes in foreign cars and more specifically Porsches. The owner, John Dixon also has a Porsche Museum hear that can be rented out for whatever type of an event you have . In June he has the what is called the Speed Fest. It lasts for about a month, fancy diners, covered bridge drives, a kart race where the cars are small like go-karts but with bodies, an autocross the day of the car show and of course the car show Kruze-In. All this for The Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House as well as benefits for the local Epilipsy Foundation. He takes nothing.

This isn't a Porsche but it was still a neat car. Just an old Ford A series I believe. I've learned that I'm going to have to start taking notes of what I take. Just a little noise and color with a simple dumb boarder.

How would you like to see this coming up in your rearview mirror?

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