Friday, February 10, 2012

My Birthday: Another Mile Stone

Well, today was the big one. No, not 50 or the double nickle but the Medicare big one. I am now allowed to carry 5 insurance type of cards. Medicare, supplemental, drug, dental and vision....yea me. Now, were did I put my keys?

I took it upon myself to miss the best buys at Christmas on upgrading my camera so I started looking again. I really wanted to try to buy locally so I checked the online sites and then went to a family owned, but still large in Ohio, chain called Dodd Camera. They matched my best online price and gave me a nice discount on a tripod. I needed a sturdier one than my lightweight aluminum Ambico model.

The camera is the Canon T3i and the tripod is the Vanguard 263AGH. Now I can take my car shots down on the ground, not worry about wind and it had a pistol grip head. The center post slips up and down instead of cranking and if I wish I can pull that all the way up and then put it 90 degrees out to the side of center for a totally different type of shot. Not sure if I will use this feature very much.

I also got the Adobe Elements 10 and Premier 10 bundle for $49 which was a very good buy.

I have played around with the camera and if nothing else the extra 8 mega pixels really make my Tamron 18-270mm DiII VCD lens look more professional. Super clean shots with no effort. Moving up from my old Rebel Xti is remarkable.

Along with this we spent the afternoon having lunch with our daughter. Had a great lunch at a place called Stone Creek in Montgomery. I had chocolate Mousse with raspberry sauce and whip cream for the first time every....yum was that good.

Here's the toys.

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