Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just Let It Rain

It has been dry here pretty much all summer. Last night we got our first rain from Isaac with more scheduled today but the larger amounts starting Sunday and running up to maybe Monday. Forecast from the guessers (weathermen) is 2" to 5". Depends on where you live, hahaha. It's like in the winter, if you live north of I-70 then you will get more snow, now it's rain. We may have flooding.....maybe......depends on how fast it comes down. Bottom line, we need rain and everyone knows that you will get what you get and a county over may get more or less. Oh, and as far as flooding goes, if you dump a bucket of water on the ground it will run to other places but if you slowly poor it out it will get to soak in, no matter how dry or wet the ground it.

Just let it rain.

On a side note, the corn in the distance looks like this should be the end of October where you go to get stalks for decorations.

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Michelle said...

Isaac finally made his appearance here in KY today. Hope you get some rain.