Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow in the Mid-West.....Again!

This year seems to be following the same path and cycle of last year.  It reminds me of when we lived up in Caribou, ME.  A little snow before Halloween and sometimes on Halloween.  I remember my brother and I going out in clown suits that our mom made.  It was just starting to snow.  When we got back there was maybe four inches of wet snow on the ground which made the ruffles at the cuffs get weighted down and start to unravel.

We had a slight warming spell but it only lasted three or four days and since then we have had some sort of precipitation every  two or three days faithfully.  It has become a photo opt on many occasions and a great time to learn photography in the winter when most people when most people think there is no color so why try and then put the camera away until spring.

I admit, wintry, snow covered fields are daunting in some respects but after reading some “tips and tricks” of photographing winter scenes my appreciations of the white stuff has gained in strength.  Otherwise, it is good for Santa’s sleigh and should go away on December 26th.

Like I said, the color is there, sometimes you just have to look a little bit harder and then try to appreciate the cold and the inconvenience of the season.  After all, it is just a seasonal thing and it too will pass.  When it does, it will again be full of brilliant colors.  Click to enlarge the photos.

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