Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Big Snow...It Came and Left

We had our day or so advanced weather warning/advisory for yesterday, 12/05.  Three bands with different depths expected.  If I got it right, those that weren't suppose to get too much got their butts kick a bit and those of us that were to get 4" to 8" and up to 10" pretty much hung around the 4" mark if you were measuring with a standard ruler and not pushing down on it.  It blew some and it was wet some.  They say it caused a lot of wrecks on the highways but I have yet ever seen a snowflake or ice crystal drive a car or truck yet so I'm hanging in there that it was more human error all along.

One thing the storms bring is opportunity.  The opportunity to get some really nice pictures and or to hone your craft or, as in my case, to work on perfecting your hobby of taking photos.  Snow is one of the most difficult to do.  Frustrating and yet fun to keep trying.  I've tried, now it can go away.

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