Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's About That Time Again

Here it is March 30, 2014 and we had snow yesterday in southern Ohio.  We're not on the Ohio River but we have enough people from Kentucky that sometimes the area is referred to as Little Kentucky.  Kentucky basketball is a close 1st place runner up to the local Dayton Flyers, the Cinderella team of the NCAA tournament this year.  Right now Michigan is beating that team down south.  That too is a toss up on approval since this is Big 10 country and Ohio State rules.  Go Buckeyes.

Well, now that the round ball games are almost over and the only true sport is almost ready to march towards who is going to have the honors of keeping guard over the Stanley Cup, it is time for the car shows to begin.  These two pictures are from August of 2011.  The Austin Healey doesn't make it to the British Car show held at Eastwood Park.  The MGA was a Top Choice that year.

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