Thursday, April 3, 2014

Taken Twelve Seconds Apart

I took these on April 1 to show how little amount of time you have when taking morning photos or evening photos.  Same is true in the evening "Golden Hour".  If you watch the sun at these times you can almost see the time lapse with your own eyes. 
Yes, there is a difference in the zoom but that isn't important here.  It's the glow that was showing from behind the tree line as the sun got closer to breaking the horizon.  From this advantage point it may have already done that in the top picture and I am really assuming that it may have in the second shot, just 12 seconds later.  The other give away is the darkness of the sky to the right of the where the glow would be in the first picture.  The sun will arch up and to the south as it makes its way to the west to set before beginning another day. 
Today, and for the next four or five days, rain is in the forecast.  It's Spring and Winter has gone bye-bye for this year here in southern Ohio.  We hope.

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