Friday, January 30, 2015

Bright, Sunny and Cold!

Bright and cold...a very frosty morning.  You would think with all that sun shine that the temperature would be up high enough to melt the snow and warm the air.  This is the mid-west.  We dodged the ice that was forecasted the last couple of nights, it got into the low 40's yesterday with rain, and the snow that was a possibility.  Just north of us schools are closed or on a delay.  Super Bowl Sunday is suppose to bring another round of forecasted snow that is suppose to cover the middle 1/3 of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York.  Sorry N.Y. 

Next month is typically one of our more unpredictable months followed by March.  March is the month of sudden wet snow storms with ice storms more likely.  I can handle the on the ice. 

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