Monday, May 4, 2015

Golden Hour

Golden hour is that special lighting and color photographers like to use.  It is just before sunset and similar to the blue hour which is in the mornings.  Neither of these two times prevail very long, minutes as opposed to, maybe all day.  You can watch the sun go up or down during this time and think you can see it move.  During the day the sun just sits there, anchored in one spot it seems, until you walk away for an hour or so and then look at it again.

Nice thing about these special hours is the lighting and what you can see differently.  Here are some shots from last night.  I little surprise was the addition of our first hatching of little Mallard ducks.  This hen had 10.  We haven't seen them yet today.  She's taken them to another pond or hiding in the taller grass.  The males bothered them when they showed up last night.

A fly taking a break
Ten new neighbors.

Gnats flying everywhere above a  cherry tree,                        


Moon rising from behind the trees.  This one is sometimes called the spring moon I believe.

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Birdman said...

Ha! Males are always bothering people and Ducks, I guess.