Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reflections in Both Directions

I'm not sure what I was trying to take a picture of but I was using the window as a means of steadying the camera.  I wanted to keep the ISO as low as possible in a night shot.  What I got in return was a terrible, not savable picture that has since been deleted, however, this image was available and interesting.  I have the outdoors as well as the indoors at the same time.  How did I do this you ask....gonna tell you anyway even if you don't ask.  As I was taking the picture my wife, not knowing what I was doing, came into the room and turned the desk light on.  This illuminated the room so that a file cabinet can be seen, just the corner of the bookcase can be seen and the Madison Scout drummer images on the shirt I was wearing are even fairly clear.  If I didn't know better it almost looks as if I am playing a horn, pffsst.....not me.....percussion all the way.  At the same time you can see the outdoors, the street lights and roads are lit up as well as the shadow of a tree on the bank of the pond.  It's even clear enough that the algae that is floating is visible.  To the right of the street light  in the middle of the lens are a series of 5 dots of light that is caused by the double pain is the tower lights just a tad more the the right off in the distance.  Lastly, I really like my right hand supporting the lens...nanu-nanu, shazbot! beam me up Scotty.

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