Thursday, November 15, 2007

Camera shopping

Went b'day shopping for someone today and while standing in line at a food establishment in the food court I get a cell phone call. It was my good 'ole buddy Gene. I had to cut the conversation short because it was my turn to order. I picked up my order and turned to be face to face with Gene. We had lunch and decided to go camera shopping tomorrow. I'm going to take my two lenses and make sure they work perfectly well on the XTi. I feel confident that the small lens will but I want to make sure the Promaster will. Canon said they would but then I read a forum report recently that said "thanks Canon for the bad information". The writer didn't go into a lot of details so I don't know which lens he had or was complaining about. I figure that if I take the lens in they can prove to me that everything is perfectly all right.

Notice the new pictures. Once I get my auxillary hard drive on I will post MY Porsche, not a wannabe.

Gene, enjoy Detroit this weekend.

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