Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Decision, decisions.

I'm wanting to finally upgrade my camera to a newer digital. Currently running with a Sony 3.1 that doesn't do bad for what it is but I had my AE-1 with lenses that went to Steph for college and that got me a EOS Rebel. I really like the old AE is some ways better. The weight was not a good thing the the fixed lens was fantastic. Can't remember exactly what it was but it was some were near a 1.8, 55mm. I doubled it up with a magnifier because it was the cheap way and then I bought the 200mm tele photo. The newer camera has two zoom lenses with one being a macro and the long lens being a 100 to 300mm. Now the delima, do I go ahead and get a Canon XTi body or maybe a 30D or do I go for the new Olympus Evolt 510 or one more step to consider, the Nikon D40X. I have spent several hours looking at reviews trying to decipher the good and the bad of each camera. Then, along with questioning which one is best for the money and the needs of this user I have to remember that I already have two lenses that drops the cost of staying with Canon. Fixed income people must think of that on a routine basis. I have a friend that is looking at the possibility of getting a new camera, maybe we can go in and swing a deal with the purchase of two cameras and some related gear. I'll have to run this by Geno, new thought and he doesn't know about it yet. He's been in Canada since last Friday and even went to a Camera store where he fell in love with one of the Olympus', the 410,500 or 510, not sure. Cost prohibitive up there. He and his wife, the real better half, will get in tonight so I will have to spring this thought on him tomorrow. I'll let you know the outcome.

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