Saturday, November 17, 2007

Did it.

Well, Gene and I met up Friday morning and went to a local camera store. I checked out my lens functionality on the EOS XTi and just as Canon support said, they worked great. I have no idea what the guy on the forum had or what his complaint was except his lens combos didn't work. I'm not even sure what camera he had but I do think he mentioned the EOS.

Gene went in to the store with a pretty set mind of the Olympus E-510. He really likes the live view through the screen on the back of the camera. I beleive he has changed his mind a little when the sale rep showed him how much slower it was when the camera had to move the mirror out of the way and then back again when taking pictures. I also reminded him of the quality of the sample pictures we had seen on a website. Final declaration, the rep said Nikon and Canon were considered the number one and two brands in digital, currently.

OSU just beat Michigan. Go Bucks.

I didn't make a decision then but I actually had. I had a thought that I could get it cheaper locally but found out I was wrong. Went back today an bought the XTi body. I have been playing around with it for the last hour or so plus loading the software and pdf files. I just have to get my 35mm habits back and I will be in business. I can hardly wait until next summer when I go to some car shows and maybe some races. Oh yea, I get to do the family pictures at Steph's house. She just loves for me to bring the camera. Right Steph? Okay back to more playing around with the camera.

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Steph said...

We'll be sure to dress the dogs in their holiday bests for the camera Thursday.

Maybe I'll have time to do a nice Turkey Day drop cloth and you can do portraits of everyone! no... i won't have time...rats