Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Close up practice

As you can see from the pictures of the Ferrari, I have some practice sessions coming. This is a model in a case that Steph and Greg got me when they went to Italy earlier this year. It is in a plastic case so there are all kinds of prizm effects going on. That will be the next thing to learn, lighting and its effect(s). I took these shots on a tripod at about 12" range. I was on medium quality at 1/5 shutter, f5.6 and an ISO of 400. Lighting was from outside about 12 feet to the right. I also used the timer to release the shutter. Lots of blury pictures before this one. Doing shots like this is where the Olympus has an advantage but being a film type of guy, it wasn't an issue. It's is just that I did get a little use to the back of the camera viewing on the first point and shoot Sony as well as the video camera. That one was never good outside so I went back to looking through something before this.

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