Sunday, May 18, 2008

Airbrush update

The airbrushing is starting to come along. I say the heck with big box stores. All along I figured that the problem I was having with the airbrush was ME. Never used one before and lack of talent. Wasn't hard to figure out even though the instructions leave a lot to be desired. Did some reading on the web and watched some Youtube demos. Still had trouble so I figured I would take it back to Smitty's Hobby Store where I bought it. At first Smitty, yes there is a Smitty, was a little reluctant and didn't quite understand what my problem was. I had taken a picture on a 4 x 6 card and he thought I was trying to get real detailed and doing something that the gun wasn't designed to do. Once I got him to realize this was on a wall he began to come around and willing to help. He offered my money back but I wanted to know why I couldn't control the gun. He uses a gun all the time. He paints rail road layouts and the trains and cars. I found out that he is 75 yrs. old and that he has three brothers that work there too, one of which is 78. Don't know anything else about the others. Smitty is also a ART graduate of the University of Dayton and took airbrushing way back when. I convinced him to keep the gun over night and give it a try at his convenience. We exchanged numbers and he told me to call him after lunch the next day. I called the next day and he said come and get it. He apologized and told me what he found. He wondered how I got it to do what I did because it wasn't getting air correctly. He replaced an "o" ring in the trigger part and then took the time to go through the gun on set up and cleaning. It took me 4 hrs. to do most of the upper car in the pictures and only about 1.5 to do the bottom car. They aren't done but they are close. These don't have much color in them, turn signals and tail lights. I need to finish the wording, which will be real easy now that the gun is working and the Porsche logo needs cleaned up and color added. There is a car penciled on the wall to the right that will have some color and then there are the two Vettes to the left. Bottom line is that I would not have gotten all the info at a big box store, just a return. Thank you Smitty.

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