Thursday, May 22, 2008

Garage mural update

I have started the second car in the garage. Today I did some gray and black. The wheels take sooooooo long if you want them to turn out right. Fortunately, this is a drawing so it doesn't have to be perfect. I do like it to look good within 5 feet or so thou. There has been a command decision made. The Vettes on the left wall are now going on the wall to the left of the first Porsches. Currently there is a LeMans banner there that my good pal, best friend Gene brought back from Canada last year for me. It will go on the wall where the Vettes were going. I am going to seperate the name Corvette from the bottom car, reverse the image so that the nose is facing the center of the garage and not putting up the upper car. It should balance this wall perfectly. After all this, I will paint the floor and possibly strip it. I like the idea of a double yellow down the middle and maybe a strip all the way around the garage in Porsche colors, red and black and gold. The other idea is a dashed white line with tire tracks parallel to it going from the lower corner in by the big door to the upper corner in the back where the cars are. Open to ideas. Not everybody at once.
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