Friday, May 2, 2008

Trial car

I did as the wife suggested and traced part of a car on wrapping paper we had left over from moving, hence all the little blue pieces of tape. I started with the middle needle size that came with the gun and the color was red. You can see that I had a blow-out near the "G" in GT-3. I changed color and tips and things got much better. Still learing how to get the size of spray I want and since these are not to look real, except for the Vettes, I think I am ready to start on the the cars. It will take time and comfort is going to be a bit of a hassle on the one over the sink. Hopefully I will get the aid of the graphic designer / industrial designer in the family for blending and high lighting. I can buy chrome paint as well as metallic but I don't see the need unless I have to do it myself.

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Gene said...

Nice job Butch. Really good job. One hell of a garage wall. Are you getting a little nervous starting on the finished product. Hell its just a wall. GO FOR IT !!!!

Butch said...

That's why I kept the original cans of paint and primer in the basement, DO OVER ERASER. You don't want to blow it up or you will see some of the blowouts but they can be cleaned up I found. There will be a yellow Vette on the wall.