Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have great expectations of myself. You see here, pictures of cars that I have traced on my garage walls so that I can airbrush them. Unlike my daughter and son-in-law, I have zippo talent when it comes to free hand stuff. I have purchased a Paasche airbrush and today I found a place that sells the paints as well. Wish I had found them first. I bought the brush at Smitty's Hobby store and paid more than I would have at this really neat art store. This evening I practiced using a green that probably won't hit the walls. I also found that a little paint goes a long long way. I had maybe a quarter of an ounce of paint in the cup and poured 1/2 of it out because I was done playing around. Tomorrow I am going to set the overhead with flimsy and trace on some plain paper and do some more practicing.

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Steph said...

Please post your practice pics!
I never learned how to airbrush- it looks difficult, but I don't even know how it's done. Good luck!