Monday, November 1, 2010

First Monthly Installment

As I said, I will be taking a photo of the same shot for the next 12 months. It will be out the same window with all the details being the same that are physically possible, i.e. position of camera, the setup of the camera in mode and focused on the same tower off in the distance. All the while, if the weather changes, so does the image because the camera position won’t change thus if the snow or rain is blowing against it, well you won’t see much. Also, as Dec. and Jan come into play the terrain may get hard to see. The interesting thing to watch it, as long as it can be seen with no clouds, will be the sun rise. In this first picture you can see the brightest spot in the sky is off to the right. It will slowly, way to slow for some of us, creep its way back to the right.
Periodically I may include the “all up to now” post. Maybe quarterly. Also, as I mentioned before, I may do a bi-monthly. I will take the picture but posting it will be whether there is a significant change to be seen. After all, not enough change makes for a dull conversation.
I will give the details here about the image. It will always be taken with my Canon Digital Rebel XTi. The lens will always be my Tamron 18-270mm Di II VCD and will probably have a Focal Length set for 46mm. The shooting mode, even though I really prefer Manual will more than likely stay at Auto or Aperture Priority AE. I can make it look better but I am trying to see what the eye sees.
In this first photo the weather is clear and about 36 degrees. Some frost but it doesn’t show here.
Nov 1 2010

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