Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A New Life Begins

     We've been busy as spring brings the outdoor chores of cleaning up the winter debris and keeping up with the mowing as the warmer weather and rains make the grass grow.  I'll take this anytime.  The rains also gives one the opportunity to work on taking photos in a different light.  Sometimes this is a real good thing as you don't have the harshness of the sun to wash everything out.  With this it also give me the opportunity to try to be a little bit more artistic.  Since I can't really paint or draw this is the closest thing I will get to in the artistic effort.  These seeds, or whirly gigs as many call them, will turn brown and get lighter as they dry up.  Then as then loose their ability to hang on to the tree they will be carried aloft and then slowly drift down to find a home on the ground and with any luck will spout and a new tree will be formed.

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