Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sometimes One Wishes

On some days you just wish you could go back in time when things seem like they were simpler.  Didn't necessarily seem like it then but today it does.  I was repairing some rock chips in the paint on my new 1971 Plymouth Duster 340.  My brother was in town visiting and took these shots.  Move forward 43 years and things haven't changed all that much, or have they.  Lets see, I'm older and maybe wiser.  I'm sitting here waiting for another episode of A-fib to pass, I wasn't back then but I already had heart issues (born that way).  I know how to relax now, didn't back then.  I had been married 2.5 years, now it's 45 years.  The Duster was a hot rod of sorts, 285 HP that pretty much beat all the GM products at the time....yes, even Corvettes.  I know, I auto crossed against them on weekends.  Today one of my vehicles has 144 HP and the other has about 188.  I could work on the Duster, I can't today and have no desire to.  Had a beard, not today.  Had a bunch of hair, still have it but the forehead has gotten longer or my eyebrows have fallen a bit.
Well, that was fun.


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