Friday, April 4, 2014

Weather Related?

Well, spring has come and so have the rains.  Flood Watches and Warnings are out for counties all around the Dayton, OH area.  It's is amazing how we just came off one of the longest, or so it seems, snowy winters and people are having issues with driving in the rain.  Well, maybe what they need is a set of these racing rain tires used on cars that attain straight line speeds of near 200mph and corners of 100+.  Only problem is they don't like dry roads and tend to start coming apart as they and the road surface heat up.

This is Melanie Snow's car in the garage at Mid-Ohio Raceway in Lexington, OH.  She's always warning the drivers behind her that the roads are going to be difficult to negotiate with her in front of them.  At the time this was taken she and her husband shared the driving responsibilities as required by the ALMS series.  Today her husband has retired from driving so her co-driving partner now is her son. 

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