Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Visitor on a Cloudy, Stormy Day

We put out a humming bird feeder, one of those standard size feeders that are 3 or so inches in the jar and 8 to 10 inches tall.  It is located in a tree where it swings in the air and empties itself.  I have seen a humming bird on it late in the evening.  The other day I found a feeder at Lowe's for $1.98.  Only one place to feed from and no perch.  It was called a garden feeder or flower box feeder.  Well, I stuck the little wire that came with it in a joint of the deck rails thinking that maybe this would work.  It works better than the other more expensive one.  Had to go back to Lowe's and thought about getting another one or two.....SOLD OUT!  Yesterday the wife was refilling the little one and the humming bird flew all around her wanting to eat.  It finally perched in a tree, waiting patiently.  I tried but couldn't catch the bubble in the container like you see in the office drinking fountain jugs so often.  It was raining, and the wind was blowing pretty hard. 

This was shot at 1/60, f~10, 270mm, ISO3200 full manual.  It was 8:56 PM, very overcast and raining.  Very difficult shot.....she wouldn't stand still.  Yes, it is a female.

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