Monday, July 14, 2014


I'm not sure which of these two photos I like best.  Of course the one in color is the original and the b/w is converted.  I'm trying to learn more about b/w, I think there is a definite place for it in art and in photography.  We always seem to get real interested in photos of the "old" days where the pictures were inevitably in b/w.  I believe one had to really understand the camera more where today the camera will do almost all the work for you. 

This colorful picture is pretty much right out of the camera so I guess you would say, so is the b/w, but there was a lot of LR5 and a tad bit of CS5 work done to get the b/w to look like I wanted it to look.  Lighting from the lower right, lighting through the center from lower right to upper left.  Highlights and contrast to bring out a more metallic look with a splash of color, can you guess what it is?

You make your choice, color or black and white.  As usual, click'em and they will get larger for better viewing.


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Cindy said...

Color is definitely the better of the two