Monday, July 14, 2014

Black and White With Some Color

Most of the work done here is with OnONe Perfect Photo Suite 8 software.  Started with a color photo but went to the black and white page to change the image.  When you open a selected file folder you will see your photo and then as you go down the list to be selected from you image will change, both the working image and the thumbnail.  Control Z pulls last change back and you can continue hitting this selection of keys to get all the way back to where ever you want to go.  In most cases, once you have made a choice you can then enhance it further as a stand alone piece.  You can work in Layers, Masks, Black and Whites, Portraits, Enhancements, Effects and Resize.  The last being really neat in being able to enlarge a photo and not effect the pixel ranges.
So, this is with a little color that was in the stem where the flowers were attached.  I just blended it into the whole thing while pulling most other colors out.  There is a tad bit of blue in the darker shadows.