Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Alfa Romeo Giulia SS

Automobiles are always changing in some way. Be it the body design or just the horse power under the hood, they change and the average Joe has no idea. Some one, a gear head, would because his mission in life is to know all he can about the things that roll down the road. He may not be an expert but he knows. Some specialize in their knowledge while others try to master the world, which some do a pretty good job at it.

I posted the logo of the Alfa Romeo Milano and told a little about what the emblem means. It was a short lived version of the Alfa but it was interesting enough for me to go back and read more. I went to the Concours d`Elegance this year so I had the opportunity to see the car close up. I wish I had found the owner, but he was probably off looking at other cars.

This is a 1964 Guilia SS. The Guilia followed the Guiletta in 1962 with a little larger engine and a five speed on the column. I tell people that I drove a Peugot with a column five speed and they think I'm nuts. In '63 the car was fitted with disc brakes all around and a larger engine. This is a 1964 model with 129 HP and is properly referred to as the Alfa Romeo Guilia 1600 Sprint Speciale Bertone. The Bertone is the the coach builders name.

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