Monday, November 15, 2010

Second Installment

This is the second posting of the same scene at the same time of day and everything else being as nearly the same as before. There is only one difference, well two. The first is the focal length which I will discuss in just a few more lines and the other is the time of day. It is the same but it isn't depending on how you interpret "time of day". I took the first shot before our time chance in this area. Had the time not backed up an hour we would be in the dark still but we let the farmers get out earlier and warm the houses up sooner in this neck of the woods by moving the time, or so they say.

This and the last photo have been taken with the Canon Rebel EOS XTi as will all the future pictures. I only have thus only use one lens. Got rid of the others since, for me, this is such a versatile lens. It is the Tamron 18-270-mm VC DiII.

Now the differences as they come up. I am for the simplicity and balance of I am shooting in this series of photos. I will shoot everything in Auto (P) mode. This is Auto but the (P) means the flash won't work unless I allow it to. With that in mind the camera picked these settings; ISO 100, f-stop 7.1, time 1/125 sec. The focal length is my mistake. I thought I was setup at 46mm but in fact it is 55mm. This is just a small change in the light allowed to the sensor but it is a difference. Good thing I'm not an engineer or I would have to start all over. This of course would be impossible because time has passed and this means all the variables that were then are gone now.

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