Monday, November 22, 2010

Sports Cars Come and Go

Arnolt-Bristol cars. They were, as I said in my previous post about logos, cars that came and went. They weren't around for many years, 1953 to 1959 with the last new one being sold in 1968. Not sure if it was sold as a 68 or a 59. Here again was a car with basically two different CEO, COO, CFO and so on.

S.H. Arnolt was an industrialist from Chicago that imported foreign sports cars. The Bristol part was from Bristol Cars Ltd. from Bristol, England. They made luxury cars. Arnolt struck a deal to have 200 chassis' delivered but on their way to America they would be dropped off at other places to get bodies and other modifications. They were fitted with 130 HP 6 cyl. Bristol motors but had three two barrel Solex carbs installed.

As you can see, the interiors were not designed for comfort but more for racing.

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