Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bringing the New Plane Home

It's not mine but I do have pictures of a CJ1 jet being brought home by its new owner from England. Weather wasn't cooperative in the Iceland area but the rest of the flight went well. In a nutshell it went from England to Iceland with a lay-over. Then it went to Narsaruaq, Greenland, Bangor, ME, Manassas, VA, Ocala, FL. I was able to track in on my computer as it traveled in speed and elevation. One of these days we'll be able to watch the flight in flight like we can watch a race from in the car. Hello technology.

  Securing his plane in Reykjavik Iceland at the end of the first leg of flight home from England. Earlier this day the plane had left Robin Hood Airport, UK.

  On the ground in Iceland with 50KT winds. Looking at towards the terminal out of the cockpit. People were having a hard time standing in the wind.
  Next day, 3/16/11 looking out the nose towards Narsaruaq, Greenland's airport. It is to the far left, hard to see. Iceberg floating on the right side.

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