Monday, March 21, 2011

SPRING!!!!!! At Last

This seems to have been one of the longest winters that I can remember. It was cold right after Halloween and snowed before Thanksgiving and then seemed to snow every two to three days. Not much but it snowed. It didn't blow but maybe twice and that wasn't much. Just 20 or so miles north of here it was even worse. Most school districts have makeup days to deal with this year.

Today, it was 73° and very humid. Life outside is starting to sprout.....yea!


Birdman said...

Nice shot for the weekend... we're still waiting!

Sequim Daily Photo said...

We have seen a hint of spring, but only a hint. Lots of rain lately. Looking forward to warmer weather and sun! I like your photos.

Butch said...

Well Birdman, we must be still waiting too. Snowed some yesteday and suppose to again tomorrow, the 31st. Can't stick is the good thing.