Sunday, March 20, 2011

Changing of the Guard

My first film camera was a Petri 7 that my brother let me use while he was in college. I mainly took slides of races back then. Then in 1979 he brought me a Canon AE-1. I really enjoyed it but I don't think I ever mastered it. I didn't spend enough time with it for one and there wasn't the a Google or Photoshop program that you could use. Plus, one must not forget the fact that a bad shot cost money unless you went to someone that said you didn't pay for bad shots.

Years go by and my daughter goes off to college to study graphic design. She is required to take a photography class so I give her the AE-1. Low and behold my wonderful wife buys me a new Canon Rebel. Boy was there a weight difference. I bought a second lense and became know in the family as the "oh no, he has his camera" guy.

Again, the years go by and I still don't think I have mastered the film industries ways. It isn't that I didn't try. There was a lot of money spent on film that didn't make it into the shoebox.

Finally I decide that I will get one of those small digital Sony 3MP's. There isn't much to it and I actually get pretty good with it. So, after retiring a short time later I decide to move up to something a little more challenging with more opportunities where I can spend more money on gadgets. I get a DSLR Canon Rebel XTi. I wound up selling my film lenses that fit both cameras and buy a Tamron 18-270mm DIii VCD lense that I truely enjoy. What a simple combo. Now retired I have the time to study photography,which for the most part is self taught so you know I am still a full blown amature. I buy the books and the programs after trying them out for 30 days or so. Gimp was my first hardcore program for a couple of years. It's free.

So, the pics below are of where it all started. The original sign is still there were my wife bought my Rebel film camera. My digital Rebel came from another Click Camera store because we had moved and it was closer. Now I have another one that is yet closer. Dodd Camera bought all the Click's and other stores out in our area and even added some.


Farmchick said...

Nice that you have a camera store in your area. I have to do a bit of traveling, or use the internet, to buy equipment.

Butch said...

Farmchick we have 5 or 6 Dodd Camera, formerly Click Camera and Fairborn Camera, stores in the Dayton, OH area. HQ is Cleveland, OH. Nice stores and very helpful and friendly people. I have gotten some great discounts and I'm not a professional and I don't buy a lot.