Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Dreary Day But, To The Meat Market We Go

On Friday we made the trip.

This is about thirteen miles north of us now. Use to be only three and a half miles south east of us when we lived in Phillipsburg, OH. There are quite a few people I know that go there but it is during hunting season for the processing of there bounties.

I can only name three establishments that are around now, there were more. Today you go to Cubs, Kogers or Meijer.

It was dreary, hence some more effects added in. Also, as you can see they are back a long lane. Use to be a single car gravel drive. Now it is a double wide drive that is some where in the neighborhood of a thrid of a mile in length.

I have a friend that just loves their smoked pork chops. I like the bakery myself along with the steaks and everything else. You can keep the beef tongue and hearts. If you like egg noodles then you will surely like the Amish noodles they make on site as is everything else.


Sequim Daily Photo said...

I would check that place out if I were there. My Dad eats beef tongue, I don't know how he does it. It's good to have a natural meat source place like that available.

Birdman said...

There's something about this wet road shot I like.