Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Sunset In Northern Ohio

We have made a trip to a place called Sauder Historic Village in Archbold, OH.  It has an inn a separate bakery establishment as well as a restaurant called the Barn and other, spend your money, businesses, all associated with the Village.  This is where Sauder furniture started so there is a place here to see and purchase furniture and nearby is the main factory.  There is the Historic Village, similar to the one in Detroit, MI at the Henry Ford Museum.  Not sure if we are going to make that part of the experience as the weather has changed since this was planned a week ago.  When we picked the motorhome up from storage it was sleeting.  We've had rain off and on since we got here so we will just dodge the possibility of getting caught in a down pour.

This shot is sunrise this morning looking out of the window.  The ground in this area is flat, soybean and corn fields primarily.  It is obvious that the main stay of life in this part of Ohio is farming, many really old farms that appear to be well taken care of for their apparent ages.  In some cases I would say there are some well of farmers as the homes are not only new but quite large.  What is puzzling is how many crops are still in the fields, especially the soybeans.

As I get ready to post this the sun is trying to cut through,


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