Thursday, October 2, 2014

Another Visitor

This youngish Red Tail Hawk comes to visit about once a month or so.  It started showing up about 3 years ago, landing on a neighbors deck rail.  I was able to get a pretty good shot of it but it didn't stay too long.  Last year it ate 3 young Robins in a nest in our front yard.  It is quite a large bird that does really show here as I must be 50 yards away or more.  Also, last year we had a duck that must have been attacked by a coyote or one of the large barn cats from a farm nearby but was left along the pond edge.  The next day this, or another hawk like it, made a meal out of what was left.  Since they are territorial I'm thinking it was this one.  We have two dead ducks in the pond now, one near where this is perched but it's been dead for about a week, too far out to retrieve.  The other one is near the edge to where I may get it and bury it.  Kind of groose, getting bloated a little.  Was hoping the turtles or the hawks or even the vulture would take care of it.  And yes, there are pictures coming of the vulture that was here yesterday.....dumb bird.  Can't swim and tried to walk across the pond then started running around the edge.  He would have had to have walked 200 feet or better....dumb bird has wings.

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