Monday, October 13, 2014

Sauder Historic Village, Interesting

We took a trip recently up to Archbold, OH.  This is the home of the Sauder Furniture business that Erie Sauder founded many years ago.  Today it is know as the furniture you buy and assemble yourself and with the younger generation all I have to say is Ikia.  There is a place in Archbold that is called Archbold Historic Village were over the years they have grown a business around historic buildings and equipment of the time.  Erie Sauder's original work shops are on the grounds as well as a general store, doctors office, one room school, broom, herb and sewing (quilt) shops.  There are farm buildings with livestock and just about anything else from that era.  It is very similar to the Greenfield Village near the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI.

Out in front of the village is an information building with a deli type café and a gift shop.  At the main road on the grounds is a restaurant called the Barn which is a barn that is 177 years old.  Near the Barn is a bakery where breads, cup cakes and all kinds of sweets are made and sold and then just beyond that is the Sauder Factory Outlet.

In the back of all this is the Sauder Inn and the camp ground. 

The drive up was really nice, taking I-75 to Lima, OH and then jumping off onto the back roads of Ohio, going through the small towns of "blink" and you missed it to some that some that were a little larger with two or three gas stations, a bank, an antique shop etc.  The interesting thing was there were some that didn't have any fast food establishment.  Mom and pop diners were the order of day.

This is 90% plus farm country so the landscape was really nice and peaceful and some of the homesteads were huge.  Super large farms with lots of silos for drying and storing of their crops.

These pictures are from inside the motorhome on our last morning.  We had clouds and rains up to Archbold and the second day was the same but the day we were to leave we awoke to this and a very pleasant drive home.

Pronunciation; we have always pronounced Sauder and if we were saying louder with an S.  The locals pronounce it as if saying sodder.  Linguistics'....interesting, eh!

They always refer to morning shots as the blue hour and evening or sunsets as the golden hour.  Obviously there is a bit of information that was left out as there is a golden hour in the mornings as well.

Just had to do a b/w of this shot.

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