Thursday, October 30, 2014


Good reading if not some great pictures in these books.  I worked for GM for 22 yrs.  Proud of what I did but not so proud of what they have become.  I've been gone for 12 years and it seems to have gotten worse.  I will admit that they do still make innovative products and have led the way in many items but the book on the bottom and the next two up are are about an even more inventive car.  The you have "Go like HELL" where Ford beats Ferrari with the GT-40 is a great history read.  Out on the side is "the unfair advantage" which is about Mark Donahue (deceased) and how he made every machine, no matter who made it win.  Roger Penske was a big part of his winnings but it was Mark's determination and dedication that got him into the winners circle.  The scariest race car ever built was the Porsche 917.  Many drivers couldn't handle the raw speed of this machine.  Mark won time after time in it.  This was before they started limiting horse power and other factors to control the speeds being driven.  Unfortunately Mark died in a practice run.

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