Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fire In The Sky

Thursday past was a great day for what is called the "blue hour" in photography.  Sun coming up through the horizon gives way to lots of added color.  This gets even better as the summer comes on and the atmosphere gets clogged with all the dust from debris of dust storms, fires, construction and farming.

There was frost this morning but it was short lived with all the sun.  Melting of the ice from the ponds is helping the waters warm and the mist/fog starts to show in the early hours.  

Where are they all going?  Do you think they are communicating with the tower?  I doubt it but who knows today how communications take place.

Raising the sun up the "sun pole"?

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Birdman said...

Well, based on your post negative things can bring forth positives. Proof positive in your images here.