Monday, March 9, 2015

Small Moon and Clouds

I like pushing the envelope of what I can TRY to do with my camera.  It is also a learning curve in many ways unlike the old days when it cost you film and processing fees.  I take it, look at it, and delete if I don't care for it or it is really bad.  More of the latter than I like for sure.

With the waning of the small moon or this particular moon phase, I saw it trying to peak through the clouds so I thought that I had another opportunity with low lighting.  These were taken on a tripod of course and the shutter was on Bulb so I used a remote release.  Both were set on ISO 100 with the aperture set on f-11.  The lens was my Tamron 18-270mm with the 2x converter in place.  The top photo was taken at 109mm and the bottom was at 119 but you need to do the double it up routine.  Top photo was released at 60 sec and the bottom was released at 106 sec.  Two things were happening during the opening time of the shutter, the moon was rising and the clouds were moving hence the soft or blurred look.  I actually bumped the contrast and clarity up a bit in post processing for a bit more cloud definition.

Now I can delete them from the card and move on to my next experiment.

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Birdman said...

Ah... the incredible laboratory of Dr. Butchenstein. My moon shot, "It's alive! I's alive!"