Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Screening Room

First time I have imported, edited or posted from my new Apple MacBook Pro.  There is a learning curve after being with PC's since 1986 when I got my first Gateway computer.  I don't remember the hard drive size but I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near a gig.  More than likely it may have been more near a 100MB's or even less.  I did upgrade the Ram from 2 to 4 mega bytes which was tops back then.  

There are 5 computers working in this picture with on 32" Toshiba TV working as a larger screen for editing purposes.  The MacBook is only 13".  There is an iPhone, an iPad plus a 17" HP desktop and a 17" HP laptop.  Both of the PC's started acting up.  The desktop is in the mood now to give me the proverbial BSOD (blue screen of death).  Issues with the hard drive, ram, video card or just a connection could be the cause.  The laptop was acting up but it has improved with a lot of time spent staring at the screen.  

I always thought they were fairly fast machines because I don't load them up with garbage and I watch where I go on the net but the MacBook with it's flash hard drive makes them turtles.  I do plan on replacing the monitor with a real "monitor" because the resolution on the Toshiba is only 1080 and the best you can get with HDMI is 1080.  Dell makes one that is Thunderbolt connected to Mac's with a much higher resolution.  The MacBook is Retina and only 13" but I can read it better than the big monitor sitting directly behind it.  The Dell will be very similar if not undistinguishable.  It's also half the price of the Apple 27".

So, this is my "screening room" where my head is always in the cloud(s).  I am currently cleaning up an Iomega 250 GB external hard drive so I can transfer the files that I want from the desktop and then remove it from my life.  Who knows, maybe I will do the same with the HP laptop in time, if you have an Apple product you don't really need much more.  Technology is passing old farts like myself so fast but Apple makes it just a small learning curve.  

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Cindy said...

You have lots of stuff

Birdman said...

I need you to come to Maine and get my 'tech life' together. Talk about in the cloud(s). hahahaha