Sunday, March 8, 2015

Small Moon.....Big Light

They say we had a small moon last week.  I don't think it shrunk, it was just a tad further out of orbit than the norm.  I guess if you're an astronomer that this would be pretty neat.  Big thing for me was to be able to get a full moon on clear night that wasn't quite so bright.  It's really hard to take pictures of the moon unless you have some really expensive equipment.  In this case it was me, my Canon camera, a Tamron lens and the controls.  The f-stop played a real big factor for me to get the star burst of lens flare look.  Then Light Room, Photoshop and I just played around with some brushes for effects and fun.

Here comes a plane for a landing.

Getting brighter as it closes in.

Oops, the page slipped.

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