Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Photography Accessories

First you get the camera with at least one lens...I bought the body only and added an all in one lens thinking that would do it.  Well as you can see here that idea went out the window a bit.  I still use the all in one, Tamron 18-270 mm but have added a Tokina 11-16 mm with a 2.8 f-stop.  I also have a circular polarizer for each lens and 3 ND filters for the Tamron.  Also seen in the photo are my Tamron tele-converters...1.4-x and 2-x.  Stack these puppies up and you get long range photos, not as good as a fixed prime large lens but they fit in the budget.  Put these on the camera and more times than not you will use some sort of editing software....I use LR and PS.  Also in the picture is my stand up flash to get over the lens cover and all wrapped up one can see my remote.  The batteries are in a block of wood that I drilled holes in so they didn't stay in the remote and flash, where they would discharge and corrode possibly.  Mono-pod, tripod and camera back aren't shown....just won't fit on the shelf.


Birdman said...

Love this black and white. An artist's workshop.

Butch said...

Thanks Birdman, b/w is an issue for me. You may see more as I experiment in my efforts to improve.