Monday, May 2, 2011

Another First of the Month, Another Morning Picture

I didnt' think I was going to get this one posted. I saved it the wrong way and even though I could open it in a couple of my programs it was not going to open in any of the photoshop programs or the blog's. Finally with Windows Live Photo I was able to change the file name to something usable.

As you can see the day was not looking the best to start with but it turned out great. I got a lot of stuff done outside.

Today is another story or may just a repeat. More of the wet stuff. Sump pump wasn't running yesterday, first time in exactly two weeks. Today it started out slowly but he pond has risen and the water table is up again thus the pump is only off for about 10 seconds. The 4" tile is 1/3 full feeding the pit holding the pump. We aren't close to the backup but that can change in a heartbeat. The little 9GPM isn't on yet and shouldn't be needed. I have ordered a generator that may arrive tomorrow. It will only run the generator size wise but that all I need. Rain all week except Wed. and Thur. is the forecast.

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