Monday, May 30, 2011

Hail and Plants Don't Mix

We didn't get the worst of the storm and we definitely didn't get what Joplin and other communities have had to endure but never the less, we got hailed upon.

Hosta leaves are very vunerable.

The sky before it let go.

They were still getting it north west of us. This was maybe 30 minutes after the hail hit. The rains came during the hail but not like they did afterwards. The water in the pond was almost up to the pine trees and that two only took a few minutes to fill up.

This was emptied quickly when a piece of ice went through it. Also had a feeder bite the dust, replaced that today.

Had two tomatoes. One in a Topsy Turvy and the other in the ground. Wanted to see which one did the best. Covered the one in the ground but didn't get the bucket I put on it secured. Bucket ended up in the pond. Tomatoe plant was laid sideways and looked broken. Today it is standing with a few branches missing. The Topsy Turvy lid had one big hole for watering and now it has three but the tomatoe faired quite well.

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Farmchick said...

Your hail sounds incredibly forceful. Glad you guys were safe, even if you did have damage.