Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking for Dinner

A few days ago a mother duck lost her babies in a storm drain. It wasn't long before a city worker spotted them and helped them back to safety. There were 8 and all were saved. Only 7 in picture but last one arrived shortly after this was taken. There were two males, that along with the mother, were frantically running up and down the curb quacking all along. I would have missed this had I not happened to get up from the table at lunch and catch it happening.

A day or so later another female duck was in the same area but didn't have as good of luck. I don't know if she was too trying to get some chicks out or just happened to be in the street. The geese and ducks tend to walk across the street here to go from a non-pond side to the pond behind our house.

The next day after seeing the duck lay in the street one of the local buzzards found dinner. Problem being dinner was at the corner of a very busy intesection. I figured it would either be one of the buzzards or a hawk that we have in the area that would make a meal out of the duck. Final out come though was the buzzard couldn't take the traffic and one of the street crews picked the duck up this morning, not the same guy that saved the babies though.

The buzzard flew by the hawk on the pole to say "it's all yours buddy". You should have seen the little bird to the left, just above the wire, do a 180 degree flip when it found the hawk on the pole. Below is the hawk on the neighbors deck last year.

The hawk on the neighbors deck last year.

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Sequim Daily Photo said...

The first part of the story was great, happy ending and love the picture.