Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Late Again With the Mid-Monthly Post

I started this endeavor back in November of last year. I haven't tallied up the days of sunshine but I do remember that November was sunny and the sun was coming up to the right in this picture. We are looking east. In actuality, it would be out of sight here, almost, unless I would pan back some. Now, it would be out of the picture to the left coming through the stand of pines surrounding an old farm. The field in this picture was part of it as well as the house I am in.

Hopefully the rains will come to an end soon but I will admit, everything is really green this year. Didn't get the flowers on the Pear trees or the Cherry trees like we normally do but the grass has grown and filled in the winter damage that everyone was dreading to have to fix. Now watch what happens, the faucet will be turned off and we will be begging for rain this summer.


Farmchick said...

It is cold here in KY. A bit of rain as well. I agree that we are getting all the rain now and then won't get any this summer!

Sequim Daily Photo said...

It's been the same here, so much rain and that gets old, but it's so green and pretty at the same time so it's a trade off.