Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pemaquid Point Cove

Sometime back in 1997, or so, we went on a vacation trip to Maine. Reservations were at the Boothbay Harbor Inn in Boothbay Harbor. At that time I had my AE-1 film camera. Loved it and thought I would not give up film until I got my Rebel XTi. This shot was with the AE-1. I probably took 3 or 4 rolls of 36 film in the week we were there.

Birdman of PortCityDailyPhoto ( put a foggy picture up the other day which reminded me about my trip(s); we were up in Maine a couple years before this before our daughter went off to college, and the pictures I took. I keep saying I need to process them, you know scan and save and clean etc, etc. I had 4 that I blew up and framed. Sold the frames in a garage sale last year and the blown up pictures went with them. The old guy that bought them was going to put train pictures in them. Anyways, short of digging the originals out I remembered that I had taken pictures of the pictures in the frames. That is part of the reason for the blurry effect. To me, it just says Maine.


Farmchick said...

A great shot showing the fog and I love the crab traps (lobster?) in the front of the photo.

Butch said...

Thanks, I really need to find the time to get the photos out and into the computer. The original is so much better than the one taken through the glass. There's more of a 'you are there' feeling.