Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reflections of a New Addition to the Pond

Last year we had a Great Blue Heron and a White Heron join the ducks and geese that frequent our neighborhood pond. Late in the summer a Bittern showed up. I had to use a friend, Abe Lincoln his real name, help me with finding out what the bird was. He has tons of birds on his blog.

Well, this year we have had a few geese and only one set of baby ducks so far. There were eight but one now missing. There have been several Blue Herons but no White ones. One of the Blues has to have a five foot wing span. Interestingly there are not one but three Bitterns. Not sure if they is a pair amongst them or not. They are of the Heron family but they don't seem to wade out as much, they fish more from the bank.

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