Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bright Light

We've had clouds for the past week or so. Mostly from the storms that went north of us across Lake Erie and on up into New England.

Well, yesterday we got a pleasant surprise with some bright sun around 7:30 AM. Just thought I would take a shot and see what I got. It put me on notice......my lens needed cleaned. I also got some natural light flares. Did a tad bit of burning of the image but all in all this is right out of the camera.

Starting tomorrow the weather goes the other way, clouds dropping some rain then freezing rain and then snow turning back to freezing rain etc etc. Forecast, we will either fall into the 2 -4" range or the 6 - 8" range. North of here is upwards of 10 inches. Come on 2 - 4.

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