Thursday, March 21, 2013

Several Days Late

I follow a blogger out of Portland, ME. He recently posted a picture from in front of a restuarant in Rockport, MA. If you have never been there I will simply say you're missing a lot.

I posted on pORTcITYdAILYpHOTO that I had several photos from there and that I would put them up. Well, since then I have been supper busy and not had the time until today so without further delay here they are.

This was a little carry out. You went in toward the back, got the food you wanted and left out the same door. By the way, the doors in this old old area are not the standard height. I almost have to duck and I'm short. They might be 6'. Well, I wouldn't have to duck but it makes me sound tall. This is the menu next to the door.

This next image is looking through an opening that is a boat ramp and you look into the safe harbor. You may recognize this shot as it is in the movie The Perfect Storm. I took this before the movie came out. I was only into film back then and for some reason I had converted this one to b/w. I need to go through my boxes of photos and find the original, the big building is red with very colorful bouys on it. I believe, if my memory is correct, that some of these boats are in the image in the movie.
Like I said, if you can get up there you should. Start at Glouchester, MA and take the 26 mile loop. Rockport is at the top of the loop and then you start back more inland.
Something to look at.

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