Saturday, March 30, 2013

Twisted Time

It has been a real bummer finding time to get on and check out the blogs I follow let alone post anything of my own. From January until now it seems like there has always been something to do.

Just in this month alone I probably have over 80 hours in the volunteer work I do as a board member for HOA we live in. I was a committee member before we were turned over by the developer. I said I wasn't going to run for office and I didn't. Then a newly elected member couldn't fill the office he was elected to and I was asked to fill in the remainder of his term...1 year. I said okay. Two or three months go by and not a lot of action then the billing process starts and bids for maintenance have to be let.... I'm the retired member so I can get a lot done, thus, I've been busy.

I took this picture back in January and when I saw it again I thought it was fitting as an impression of what has been going on.....twisted in every direction.

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